Everything we do is improvised. We don’t have scripts or pre-planned scenes. That’s why a ComedySportz match wouldn’t be possible without your suggestions. Just make sure your suggestions are clean, or the referee could call the “Brown Bag Foul” on you, and you’ll end up wearing a paper bag over your head.

ComedySportz is light-hearted insanity that appeals to people from every walk of life. We provideref_stubble clean, positive entertainment that is guaranteed to please even the toughest crowd. If you have a pulse, it’s highly likely that you’ll laugh until it hurts. If you don’t have a pulse, seek medical attention immediately.

Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 PM

Ticket prices for ComedySportz shows are as follows:
General admission: $14
Student: $12 (student discount with current I.D.)
Children: $12
Senior (65+): $12

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