CSz Twin Cities 25th Anniversary Celebration

CSz Twin Cities 25th Anniversary Celebration

September 18 – 20 – CSz Twin Cities Anniversary Celebration!

Join us all weekend as we celebrate 25 years of ComedySportz matches in the Twin Cities! Featuring returning veteran players, celebrity judges, sweatpants and cake!

All other weekends in September:

Thursdays 8 PM – Throwback Thursdays

In honor of our 25th Anniversary, we will turn back the clock on our ComedySportz shows on Thursday nights!  Classic CSz games, vintage CSz Uniforms & dated references; all on Throwback Thursdays!

Fridays 8 PM – ComedySportz Theme Nights

September 5 – CSz: The Musical

September 12 – CSz: Native Minnesotans Vs. Transplants

September 26 – CSz: NERD-PROV

Fridays 10:30 PM – NC-17 Show

The comedy gets a little blue in the NC-17 show as our performers improvise games and short scenes for an 18+ crowd.  Originally produced back in the early 90’s, the NC-17 show is back to entertain (and titillate) during the CSz 25th Anniversary.

Saturdays 8 PM – Guess The Years!

ComedySportz is improvised comedy played like a sport and after 25 years in the Twin Cities we have a lot of experienced veteran performers, as well as some great Rookies!  In fact, in September during our 25th Anniversary, we invite the audience to try and guess how many years of experience are on the stage and the Loyal Fan closest will win a fabulous prize!

Saturdays 10:30 – PM CSz Vs. World

ComedySportz has invited groups from other local improv theaters to go head-to-head against us on our home turf!  Will CSz be victorious?  We hope so, or it will be super embarrassing…

September 6 – Stevie Ray’s Improv Company

September 13 – Brave New Workshop

September 27 – HUGE Theater

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