Allen, Brian

Brian "The Wrench" Allen

Having majored in music at the University of Michigan and McNally-Smith College, Brian has since earned enough money from his musical endeavors to pay back over 1% of his school loans!


Bartholdi, Maria

Maria "THe Don" Bartholdi

If you say Maria’s name three times into a mirror late at night, a giant floating can of Diet Mt. Dew appears.


Bernard, Jill

Jill "I'm no Saint" Bernard

Raised in Downers Grove, IL, Jill Bernard has been performing with ComedySportz-Twin Cities since 1993.


Boersma, Rita

Rita "Book" Boersma

Rita hates words and the sounds they make. However, she does enjoy proper use of the semi colon and could eat mashed potatoes more than once a day.


Bruckmueller, Michael

Michael "What the" Bruckmueller

Michael knows what you’re thinking.


Crowley, Andy

Andy "Three's A" Crowley

Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Andy Crowley Experience is to provide improvised musical accompaniment and underscoring for the actletes of Comedy Sportz and its audiences…


Fisher, Austen

Austen "Powers" Fisher

Austen is too young to write short biographical descriptions. He can’t even read yet.


Franklin, Ali

Ali "Gator" Franklin

Ali grew up in the circus but had to go when they discovered that she has faulty shoulders


Franssen, Michael

Michael "I see London, I see" Franssen

Michael loves the Minnesota Gophers, hockey, and Minnesota Gopher hockey.


Hellendrung, Tim

Tim "Bat Out Of" Hellendrung

Tim spent the first 13 years of his life as a snowman.


Hessburg, Nate

Nate "Hamburger" Hessburg

Nate Hessburg has a sick fascination with pop music.


Jaquette, Dan

Dan "Short Skirt, Long" Jaquette

Dan’s a pretty nice guy.


Kennedy, Erin

Erin "I'm Walkin' Here" Kennedy

Erin’s spirit animal is the dancing girl from the Sia music videos.


Kessler, Katy

Katy "Don't Mess With" Kessler

Katy is uncomfortable in almost every social situation.


Kuehn, Josh

Josh "Missed" Kuehn

Formed in the heart of a dying star, Josh is a rare cross-breed of a Panda and a Bull Moose.


Leeman, Nicholas

Nicholas "is more" Leeman

Nicholas was a brilliant theoretical physicist who led a group of scientists into the desert to prove that time travel could be accomplished within our lifetimes.


Machov, Bradley

Bradley "Come What" Machov

Bradley wishes ComedySportz was comedy about sports rather than comedy played as a sport.


Maciel, Frank

Frank "The Tank" Maciel

Frank is an original founding member of ComedySportz Twin Cities.


Martin, Logan

Logan "Wolverine" Martin

Logan is fueled by his passion for laughter and Diet Coke…but mostly Diet Coke.


McLarn, Richie

Richie "Bonesaw" McLarn

Richie is literate.


MJ Marsh

MJ "Swampy" Marsh

After escaping King’s Landing with barely his life, MJ grew strong in the lands of the North.


Moen, Katie

Katie "When it's snowin' there's no" Moen

Katie played on the girls soft ball team in third grade.


Moore, James

James "Dinty" Moore

Although James Moore has been a professional ComedySportz player since 1995, he actually first performed with the ComedySportz High School League in 1992.


Muraszewski, Lupe

Lupe "Andrew" Muraszewski

Lupe doesn’t like fishing, but he likes boats.


Neithercott, Doug

Doug "I steal, but I'm" Neithercott

An avid Old Navy shopper, Doug has two cats and a dream to sail around the world.


Ocar, Doug

Doug "Horshack" Ocar

A chocolate chip cookie enthusiast, Doug compares everything pleasurable to a level of cookieness.


Rapp, Joe

Joe "Bad" Rapp

Joe likes cars and can’t seem to curb his candy addiction.


Simondet, Philip

Philip "Simple" Simondet

Philip once went to a palm reader who told him he would marry his cousin.


Stone, Mary Cay

Mary Cay "I'm not your steppin'" Stone

I want to thank ComedySportz for helping me secure my membership in the DAR.


Strutzel, Mary

Mary "Straycat" Strutzel

Mary’s degree in forestry from the University of Minnesota has served her well in her improv pursuits.


Tenenbaum, Drew

Drew "Oh" Tenenbaum

Though he embraces his height, Drew wishes he was a little bit taller.


Vannelli, Katie

Katie "Milli" Vannelli

Katie appreciates a tasty pasta dish, bare feet and the thought of bare feet in pasta.


Vonasek, Lucas

Lucas "From A Rose" Vonasek

Lucas is a human male that has been performing improv since 2008 with Bearded Men Improv.


Weggel, Anna

Anna "Watch me" Weggel

Being a Wisconsin gal puts Anna at a distinct advantage.


Wolff, Meghan

Meghan "Hungry like a" Wolff

Meghan is known for being a.


Zimmerman, Troy

Troy "Rooster" Zimmerman

Troy is new to this country and doesn’t speak much English, but what verbal puke does come from his mouth makes for some quite funny, if not disturbing improv.


Zimney, Andy

Andy "Chimpan" Zimney

A former pizza chef, Andy now enjoys camping, cooking, and hanging out with his family.