About our Showpair-singing

Everything we do is improvised. We don’t have scripts or pre-planned scenes. That’s why a ComedySportz match wouldn’t be possible without your suggestions. Just make sure your suggestions are clean, or the referee could call the “Brown Bag Foul” on you, and you’ll end up wearing a paper bag over your head.

ComedySportz is light-hearted insanity that appeals to people from every walk of life. We provide clean, positive entertainment that is guaranteed to please even the toughest crowd. If you have a pulse, it’s highly likely that you’ll laugh until it hurts. If you don’t have a pulse, seek medical attention immediately.

When are ComedySportz shows? 

ComedySportz plays every Thursday at 8 p.m. and every Friday and Saturday night at 8 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. The show is aproximately an hour and forty-five minutes long.

How do I get to the ComedySportz theater? 
We are located at the intersection of Lake and Hennepin at Calhoon Square. See our driving directions for more help.

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How much is admission to CSZ? 
Please see home page for prices. We accept cash, checks, Visa and MasterCard.

How long is the show? 
ComedySportz shows are between an hour and a half and one hour and forty five minutes. It’s improv so we can’t say exactly! Our Friday special shows are typically an hour and a half.

Do I need a reservation? 
Reservations are highly recommended. You may buy tickets online using the button below or call our office at 612-870-1230 for tickets the week of the show you wish to attend. You may also buy tickets the night of the show. The box office opens an hour before the start of your show, seating begins a half hour before the start of your show. Seating is general admission.


Is the show and material appropriate for children?image2_sign 
Yes. ComedySportz is a show the whole family will enjoy. We perform for schools, companies, and churches all the time.

Do you sell alcohol at the theater? 
We serve beer and wine. We also sell soda, candy, snacks and coffee. There are numerous restaurants and bars in Calhoun Square.

Is there parking available?
There is a parking ramp at Calhoun Square. In addition, there is on-street parking right around the area.

Are there restaurants near ComedySportz?
Yes, ComedySportz is located inside Calhoun Square with half a dozen different restaurants and many shopping opportunities.

Can I buy gift certificates?
Yes, you can buy gift certificates for any monetary amount you wish. You can buy certificates at our theater any Friday and Saturday from 2 PM to 10 PM. Or you may mail a check for the amount you wish to our theater: ComedySportz, 3001 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55408. We will mail you back your certificate.

How can I get ComedySportz to come to my event?aboutuspage

ComedySportz is perfect for business, social, school and church events. We can also be hired as actors or characters.
Call (612) 870-1230.

How can I join the ComedySportz Birthday Club? 
You must register in person at our theater to join our birthday club. When you see your next ComedySportz show you can fill out a form giving us your first and last name, the month and day of your birthday, and your e-mail address. We will then send you an e-mail in the month of your birthday that you can print out and present for one free admission. You will need to show your ID and the print out at the door.

I’m funny too; how can I audition to be a ComedySportz player? 
We generally hold auditions a once a year. We list them on our web page and also list them in the 550 audition section in the Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune.

What’s your contact info? 
Phone: 612.870.1230
Fax: 612.823.3520
Mailing: 3001 Hennepin Ave S. | MPLS, MN 55408